Writing Goals 2020

So, here we are in another decade (as indicated by the digit, ignoring pedantry about 1s and 0s), and time to take stock. The past few years have had some notable moments, but my writing probably needs a bit of redirection. Now’s the time to set a new course!

The Infinite Bard: October 2019

I’ve been a little remiss mentioning The Infinite Bard recently, so here’s October’s two free stories. Both very different and worth a look. All previous titles are still there (and still free) including mine own The Princess and the Assassin. First up is Lorraine J Anderson’s Murder and the Little Old Lady. It’s a tale with strong supernatural … More The Infinite Bard: October 2019

Destiny Calling to be part of 2019 Hear Now festival

Some years ago I wrote a short story Destiny Calling (available in my short collection Three Drops in Time). Step forward a few years and fellow Big Finish creative Russell McGee asks for any short stories he can use in his class to teach people the art of making podcasts. Long story short, my story Destiny Calling has been selected … More Destiny Calling to be part of 2019 Hear Now festival