Kindle titles

I’ve written two books aimed at writers

Creativity Diamond CoverOpening the Creativity Diamond uses a range of creative thinking techniques to illustrate how writers can approach challenges they may have when writing. Many of the techniques I have taught in creative problem solving classes or used in my own writing.

It draws on psychology to give insight into why people will prefer to use some tools over others.


What Type of Writer are You?What Type of Writer are you? draws on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator theory (MBTI) to give writers insight into how their personality might be influencing their approach to writing. It also points out possible pitfalls of working without being aware of how one can be more effective.

It draws from the my many years of real-world experience of writing complex documents in teams and individually.


I’ve produced some short story collections

Three Drops in TimeThree Drops in Time is a collection of three short stories on the theme of time travel. They cover topics as wide ranging as winning the lottery, what to do if your future self pops back in time to give advice, and how a government department puts one persons abilities to their own nefarious uses.

It’s one of my more popular self-published pieces in terms of positive reviews.


Mimosa CoverMimosa and other stories collects various stories I’ve had published elsewhere and also my twitter fiction. The cover is there to mislead! Mimosa is very much a science fiction story, though starts very differently!





The urban fantasy world of Jon Seyton

Oxford OccultistMarylebone MagicianI’ve so far produced two short stories set in the word of Jon Seyton, consultant astrologer. I have plans for many more if there’s interest. So far I’ve written The Oxford Occultist and The Marylebone Magician.




The rest

Golden Daemon coverI wrote the short story The Golden Daemon. You can also check my Amazon Author profile as well.